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Due to the benefits of both the funding and receiving parties, the global market size, which was 1.2 billion dollars in 2012 (about 130 billion yen), was 26.1 billion billion in 2015, according to a survey by Transparency Market Research. Expanding to the dollar. In 2016 and beyond, it is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 48.2%, reaching $ 897.8 billion in 2024.

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According to the database of a microfinance institution called Mix Market, the average annual credit loss rate of microfinance institution is extremely low at 2.5%. You can finance and repay with confidence.

How we are different Lend-Wallet.org is de-centralized, embracing the nature of bitcoin.


On July 6, 2018, maneo was advised that administrative sanctions were recognized as a problem with management. Even if maneo had ever wondered, “Did you really lend it?” No one knew. However, all lending and borrowing using blockchain is transparent.

The era of quantum computers is imminent. The wallet that counters it is standard as the next-generation wallet. Lend Wallet has already defended its assets using lattice cryptography.

LendWallet provides instant small loans to people who need money around the world. The borrower has read our manual carefully and understands the importance of paying back. As a result, our credit loss ratio is 1.2%.

Withdraw Rules and Fees

You can withdraw anytime you want. However in order to secure our systems, we do withdraw orders manually. Thus it takes 2,3 business days. Sorry for the convinient.


Everytime you withdraw, you need 0.0004 BTC(4 USD).

Our address and office is located at:
Lend Project (Aave Inc)

Place: Malta

CEO: Stani Kulechov

Contact us through the support request form.

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